David Glowacki

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The scientific world is evolving to require more collaboration among different institutions and disciplines. Understanding long-term changes in the Earth environment, for example, requires models that integrate disciplines such as meteorology, oceanography, hydrology (rivers and groundwater), soil science and geology. During the past 15 years, scientists(More)
In patients with nonresectable primary (intrinsic) or secondary (extrinsic) obstructing esophageal malignancies, palliation can be achieved with insertion of an endoprosthesis. These have historically been performed under endoscopic control with plastic stents. Recent reports have described the use of expandable metallic stents to palliate obstructing(More)
Look, no ortho substituents! A series of polycycles were prepared by using a three-component Joullié-Ugi reaction. The rate of rotation about the bond between a highly hindered bridgehead and a phenyl ring with no ortho substituents was measured, and was highly dependent on the substitution. Rotamer half-lives of up to 21 h at 298 K were observed (see(More)
When the IceCube experiment started serious software development it needed a development environment in which both its developers and clients could work and that would encourage and support a good software development process. Some of the key features that IceCube wanted in such a environment were: the separation of the configuration and build tools;(More)
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