David Glasser

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Knowing which method parameters may be mutated during a method's executionis useful for many software engineering tasks. We present an approach todiscovering parameter reference immutability, in which several lightweight, scalable analyses are combined in stages, with each stage refining the overall result. The resulting analysis is scalable and combines(More)
Highlights ► We modify OPLS force field to describe mixture. ► We calculated Gibbs free energy by thermodynamic integration method. ► We investigate the stability of mixture. ► We predict mutual solubility by double tangent method. The liquid–liquid equilibria for low pH aqueous acid solution + tri-octylamine (or tri-butylphosphate) + 1-decane and the(More)
Automated unit tests are essential for the construction of reliable software, but writing them can be tedious. If the goal of test generation is to create a lasting unit test suite (and not just to optimize execution of system tests), it is essential that generated tests can be understood by the developers that will be running them, so that they can tell(More)
BACKGROUND Urine production in the kidney is generally thought to be an energy-intensive process requiring large amounts of metabolic activity to power active transport mechanisms. This study uses a thermodynamic analysis to evaluate the minimum work requirements for urine production in the human kidney and provide a new perspective on the energy costs of(More)