David Gitlin

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OBJECTIVE Psychosomatic medicine, also known as consultation-liaison psychiatry, received approval as a subspecialty field of psychiatry by the American Board of Medical Specialties in the spring of 2003. This represents a crucial step in the development of the field of psychosomatic medicine and recognition by leaders in the fields of medicine and(More)
SUMMARY The synthesis of serum a-fetoprotein was studied in 16 human embryos and fetuses between 4.2 and 18 weeks of gestation by incubation of selected tissues in l4C-labeled amino acids followed by immunoelectrophoresis of the culture fluids and radioautography. Relatively large amounts of radioactive a-fetoprotein were found in each of the liver cultures(More)
As the object-oriented paradigm becomes increasingly important in the computer science curriculum, educators will face a new set of challenges and issues. One of these new issues will be the role that programming libraries should assume in teaching both software engineering methodologies and recurring concepts in computer science. Object-oriented languages(More)
There are approximately 12 million emergency department (ED) visits related to mental health/substance abuse annually. Approximately 650,000 patients are evaluated annually for suicide attempts. Evidence to guide the management and treatment of depression and suicidal ideation in the ED is limited. A large variation exists in the quality of care provided(More)
The authors conducted a national survey of 355 general medical/surgical hospitals to assess constant observation (CO) practices. The authors assessed overall use, expense, staffing patterns, funding strategies, and cost-saving interventions. Virtually all responding hospitals (N = 102) reported using some form of CO. Several hospitals reported significant(More)
The integration of behavioral health and general medical services has been the focus of intensive resources, planning, and education efforts for at least a decade. Significant, high-quality scientific health services research spanning three decades has identified one model in particular as being effective and efficient in delivering improved outcomes for a(More)
Two hundred public psychiatric hospitals were surveyed regarding their management of inpatients with serious medical problems. Of the 102 hospitals responding, 98 had a formal arrangement with a medical facility for transfer and treatment. Fifty of the respondents felt they regularly had difficulty in receiving acceptable information from the receiving(More)