David Gitlin

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  • David Gitlin, Anita Perricelli, Geraldine M Gitlin, Gã©raldine M Gitlin
  • 2006
SUMMARY The synthesis of serum a-fetoprotein was studied in 16 human embryos and fetuses between 4.2 and 18 weeks of gestation by incubation of selected tissues in l4C-labeled amino acids followed by immunoelectrophoresis of the culture fluids and radioautography. Relatively large amounts of radioactive a-fetoprotein were found in each of the liver cultures(More)
As the object-oriented paradigm becomes increasingly important in the computer science curriculum, educators will face a new set of challenges and issues. One of these new issues will be the role that programming libraries should assume in teaching both software engineering methodologies and recurring concepts in computer science. Object-oriented languages(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research in the area of medical decision-making capacity has demonstrated relatively poor agreement between experienced evaluators in "gray area" cases. We performed a survey to determine the level of agreement about gray area decision-making capacity case scenarios within and between individuals of different professional backgrounds. (More)
BACKGROUND As systems of care become more complex and comorbid medical and psychiatric illness becomes more evident, it is essential to prepare psychiatric trainees for practice in more integrated models of care. OBJECTIVE We sought to identify readings available for residency training in consultation-liaison (C-L) psychiatry/psychosomatic medicine with(More)
In this article we present how the consultation-liaison and psychology divisions of an academic medical center's Department of Psychiatry responded in the first week after the Boston Marathon bombings, specifically in the context of disaster response guidelines and evidence-based approaches to acute trauma. Since the department had to address several(More)
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