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ooTFD is an object-oriented database for the representation of information pertaining to transcription factors, the proteins and biochemical entities which play a central role in the regulation of gene expression. Given the recent explosion of genome sequence information, and that a large percentage of proteins encoded by fully sequenced genomes fall into(More)
The Transcription Factors Database is a specialized database focusing on transcription factors and their properties. This report describes the present status of this database and developments during the past year. Within this time, the size of this database has increased by a 2799 total records, and has become accessible through a number of new mechanisms.
ooTFD (object-oriented Transcription Factors Database) is a successor to TFD (Transcription Factors Database). ooTFD contains information represented in TFD but also allows the representation of containment, composite, and interaction relationships between transcription factor polypeptides. ooTFD is designed to represent information about all transcription(More)
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