David Gerard

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It is becoming a standard practice for governments to require mining operations to post reclamation bonds. Yet, there have been few theoretical treatments examining the rationale for bonding mechanisms, and even fewer empirical treatments of the effectiveness of bonding. This paper addresses some of these holes in the literature. It begins by examining the(More)
Inference about dependencies in a multiway data array can be made using the array normal model, which corresponds to the class of multivariate normal distributions with separable covariance matrices. Maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods for inference in the array normal model have appeared in the literature, but there have not been any results concerning(More)
Technology forcing is a strategy where a regulator specifies a standard that cannot be met with existing technology, or at least not at an acceptable cost. Using the 1970 Clean Air Act for mobile source emissions as our baseline example, we argue that the implementation process is an underappreciated factor in the relationship between regulations and(More)
The potential to capture carbon from industrial sources and dispose of it for the long-term, known as carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), is widely recognized as an important option to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions. Specifically, CCS has the potential to provide emissions cuts sufficient to stabilize greenhouse gas levels, while still(More)
We examine the characteristics and limitations of the existing system of tort liability for addressing potential environmental damages from GM crops and consider whether environmental bonding could be used to address these risks. We find that in the case of GM crops, a bonding mechanism would complement some of the strengths of tort liability. Specifically,(More)
Many applications involve estimation of a signal matrix from a noisy data matrix. In such cases, it has been observed that estimators that shrink or truncate the singular values of the data matrix perform well when the signal matrix has approximately low rank. In this article, we generalize this approach to the estimation of a tensor of parameters from(More)
diffusion of new technologies, it is important to understand both consumer beliefs and consumer preferences. Greene, Duleep, and McManus have reviewed evidence on the public attitudes toward hybrids and diesels in the context of projecting likely penetration rates of diesel and hybrid technologies (1). Survey results indicated that diesel and hybrid owners(More)
The distributions of amino acids at most-conserved sites nearest catalytic/active centers (C/AC) in 4,645 sequences of ten enzymes of the glycolytic Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas pathway in Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryota are similar to the proposed temporal order of their appearance on Earth. Glycine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, glutamic acid and possibly lysine(More)