David Geraets

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BACKGROUND Public health concern about nuclear activities have existed since the 1980s. Most studies on this subject investigated childhood leukemia. Thyroid cancer may be another health outcome of interest, because some nuclear installations are a potential source of radioactive iodine isotopes in the environment and because thyroid cancer is known to(More)
BACKGROUND In a recent ecological study among residents living around Belgian nuclear sites (the NUCABEL study), significant increased incidences of thyroid cancer were observed around the two nuclear facilities with industrial and research activities (Mol-Dessel and Fleurus), prompting further research. METHODS The data from the NUCABEL study were(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Acknowledgements First let me address very special thanks to Katerina Sukovska, for her exceptional job correcting the English version of this thesis. Let me thank Alain Galli for having initiated this research, and Christian Lajaunie for taking over his post. I strongly thank Bertrand Iooss for his support and help all along the thesis. He(More)
This paper describes an ecological study investigating whether there is an excess incidence of acute leukaemia among children aged 0-14 years living in the vicinity of the nuclear sites in Belgium. Poisson regression modelling was carried out for proximity areas of varying sizes. In addition, the hypothesis of a gradient in leukaemia incidence with(More)
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