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Hydatidiform mole (HM) is an abnormal gestation characterized by trophoblast hyperplasia and overgrowth of placental villi. The genetic basis in the vast majority of cases is an excess of paternal to maternal genomes, suggesting that global misexpression of imprinted genes is the common molecular mechanism underlying the genesis of this condition. Although(More)
This paper answers the SCG-1 initiative. The room allocation problem provided has been solved in a generic and automatic way. The solution is based on a totally declarative formal model. Basic constructs are simple graphs and the fundamental operation for doing reasonings is the graph morphism known as projection. The other formal constructs are rules and(More)
We present a purely declarative graph-based formal model, which could be the basis of a generic modeling framework. Indeed, all kinds of knowledge, be it facts, queries, rules or constraints are represented by labelled graphs. Furthermore, the originality of this model is that reasonings are performed by simple to understand graph operations. Thus, not only(More)
Nous proposons dans cet article un modèle d'aide à la prise de décision qui offre une représentation graphique d'un réseau d'influences entre différentes notions. Les connaissances ainsi représentées peuvent être exploitées par l'utilisateur pour faire un choix parmi différentes alternatives. Pour faire ce choix, l'utilisateur est aidé par la représentation(More)
Cognitive maps are a knowledge representation model that describes influences between concepts. Their building is usually done by many people. This is a difficult task for them since they have to agree on every aspect of the map. This article proposes a new method to allow these people to be the designers of their own cognitive maps. A process, called(More)