David Gauldie

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Tumor necrosis factor-alpha is up-regulated in a variety of different human immune-inflammatory and fibrotic pulmonary pathologies. However, its precise role in these pathologies and, in particular, the mechanism(s) by which it may induce fibrogenesis are not yet elucidated. Using a replication-deficient adenovirus to transfer the cDNA of tumor necrosis(More)
Two experiments were conducted to examine the role of vision in the execution of a movement sequence. Experiment 1 investigated whether individual components of a sequential movement are controlled together or separately. Participants executed a rapid aiming movement to two targets in sequence. A full vision condition was compared to a condition in which(More)
Here we present a companion study to work previously detailed in “3D Modelling is not for WIMPs” (Scali, S., Wright, M., Shillito, A.M., 2003). In that study we showed that the use of a 3D haptic environment in combination with stereovision provided a marked improvement in the ability to complete a 3D task when compared to traditional WIMP (Window, Icon,(More)
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