David Gatineau

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The limited availability of catalytic reaction components may represent a major hurdle for the practical application of many catalytic procedures in organic synthesis. In this work, we demonstrate that the mixture of isomeric iron complexes [Fe(OTf)2(mix-BPBP)] (mix-1), composed of Λ-α-[Fe(OTf)2(S,S-BPBP)] (S,S-1), Δ-α-[Fe(OTf)2(R,R-BPBP)] (R,R-1) and(More)
The transformation of readily available pure-H-menthylphosphinates into chiral phosphinous acid-boranes permits the elaboration of bulky P-stereogenic secondary phosphine-boranes. Taking advantage of the synthetic potential of these compounds, a broad range of hindered P-chiral tertiary phosphine-boranes has been prepared with excellent enantiomeric(More)
Access to hydroxy-functionalized P-chiral phosphine-boranes has become an important field in the synthesis of P-stereogenic compounds used as ligands in asymmetric catalysis. A family of optically pure α and β-hydroxyalkyl tertiary phosphine-boranes has been prepared by using a three-step procedure from readily accessible enantiopure adamantylphosphinate,(More)
A new family of H-adamantylphosphinates as universal precursors of P-stereogenic ligands was obtained in one step from commercial chlorophosphines. Both enantiomers of these air- and moisture-stable intermediates can easily be separated by semipreparative chiral HPLC on a gram scale and individually undergo stereoselective transformations to afford each(More)
We disclosed therein a new reaction of reductive isomerization of methylenecyclopropanes (MCPs) to vinylcyclopropanes (VCPs). On treatment with sodium metal in liquid ammonia, MCPs bearing a C-O bond at allylic position undergo both a reductive cleavage of the C-O bond and an isomerization of the C-C double bond giving rise to VCPs. The scope of the(More)
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