David Garfinkel

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Past work, including our computer simulation of cardiac energy metabolism, indicates that magnesium is an important coherent controller of glycolysis and the Krebs cycle. Many of the glycolytic enzymes are sensitive to Mg2+. The most important effect is due to MgATP2-being a cofactor for a number of these enzymes while other chelation forms are inactive or(More)
Studies of neurotransmitter kinetics based on intraventricular injections of radio-labeled metabolites have been limited by several problems, including the inability of most investigators to recover more than 45% of the infected isotope from brain homogenates within several minutes after the injection...
Intermediary metabolism in rat hearts persfused with 11 mM glucose plus 1 mM palmitate was simulated by a computer model. Several enzyme submodels in a previous version of the isolated rat heart computer model wre improved, and a new fatty acid oxidation pathway model was added. Compartmentation of metabolites in a pseudostationary state was calculated, and(More)
A computer model of the glycolytic and respiratory pathway of Ehrlich ascites cells has been described in a previous paper of this series (4). This model qualitatively represented aerobic glycolysis, primarily in the direction from glucose to lactate. It was found that such specific features of the metabolic regulation of these cells as the Pasteur and(More)
We have attempted to resolve the differences between the levels of free Mg2+ in muscle calculated by Wu et al. [Wu, S. T., Pieper, G. M., Salhany, J. M., & Eliot, R. S. (1981) Biochemistry 20, 7399-7403] (2.5 mM in guinea pig heart) and by Gupta and Moore [Gupta, R. K., & Moore, R. D. (1980) J. Biol. Chem. 255, 3987-3993] (0.6 mM in frog skeletal muscle) on(More)
A computer model of the metabolism of glutamate, glutamine, gamma-aminobutyrate, and the tricarboxylic acid cycle in mouse brain has been constructed in terms of 39 reactions among 19 substances or groups of substances (permitting manipulation of 30 independent variables). The model is divided into two compartments, in conformity with previous models based(More)