David Garcia

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This paper deals with the class of extensive operators in the lattice of partitions These operators are merging techniques They can be used as ltering tools or as segmentation algorithms In the rst case they are known as connected operators and in the second case they are region growing techniques This paper discusses the basic elements that have to be de(More)
Researchers in the diagnosis community have developed a number of promising techniques for system health management. However, realistic empirical evaluation and comparison of these approaches is often hampered by a lack of standard data sets and suitable testbeds. In this paper we describe the Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics Testbed (ADAPT) at NASA(More)
We empirically analyze five online communities: Friendster, Livejournal, Facebook, Orkut, and Myspace, to study how social networks decline. We define social resilience as the ability of a community to withstand changes. We do not argue about the cause of such changes, but concentrate on their impact. Changes may cause users to leave, which may trigger(More)
Model-based approaches have proven fruitful in the design and implementation of intelligent systems that provide automated diagnostic functions. A wide variety of models are used in these approaches to represent the particular domain knowledge, including analytic state-based models, input-output transfer function models, fault propagation models, and(More)
We develop a agent-based framework to model the emergence of collective emotions, which is applied to online communities. Agents individual emotions are described by their valence and arousal. Using the concept of Brownian agents, these variables change according to a stochastic dynamics, which also considers the feedback from online communication. Agents(More)
Wikipedia is a community-created encyclopedia that contains information about notable people from different countries, epochs and disciplines and aims to document the world’s knowledge from a neutral point of view. However, the narrow diversity of the Wikipedia editor community has the potential to introduce systemic biases such as gender biases into the(More)
This paper presents the CLAM Annotator tool. This application has been developed in the context of the CLAM framework and can be used to manually edit any previously computed audio descriptors. The application offers a convenient GUI that allows to edit low-level frame descriptors, global descriptors of any kind and segmentation marks. It is designed in(More)
A framework to compare and evaluate diagnosis algorithms (DAs) has been created jointly by NASA Ames Research Center and PARC. In this paper, we present the first concrete implementation of this framework as a competition called DXC’09. The goal of this competition was to evaluate and compare DAs in a common platform and to determine a winner based on(More)
What is the role of social interactions in the creation of price bubbles? Answering this question requires obtaining collective behavioural traces generated by the activity of a large number of actors. Digital currencies offer a unique possibility to measure socio-economic signals from such digital traces. Here, we focus on Bitcoin, the most popular(More)