David García

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The objective of this paper 1 is to provide a robust representation of moving images based on layers. To that goal, we have designed eecient motion estimation and segmentation techniques by aane model tting suitable for the construction of layers. Layered representations, originally introduced in 4] are important in several applications. In particular, they(More)
This paper presents a text-based emotion identification system based on text implemented by means of a language-independent architecture. The system includes several natural language processing tasks besides an affective keyword dictionary. The main novelty of the system is the incorporation of a semantic disambi-guation module which focuses on the meaning(More)
We evaluate different call admission control policies in various mul-tiservice cellular scenarios. For each of the studied policies we obtain the maximum calling rate that can be offered to the system to achieve a given QoS objective defined in terms of blocking probabilities. We propose an optimization methodology based on a hill climbing algorithm to find(More)
Measuring culture and its dynamics through surveys has important limitations, but the emerging field of computational social science allows us to overcome them by analyzing large-scale datasets. In this article, we study cultural dynamics through the votes in the Eurovision song contest, which are decided by a crowd-based scheme in which viewers vote(More)
Studying any aspect of an application server with high availability requirements can become a tedious task when a continuous monitoring of the server status is necessary. The creation of performance-driven autonomic systems can hurry up the analysis of this kind of complex systems. In this paper we present an autonomic performance-driven environment for(More)
Mobile devices are undergoing great advances in recent years allowing users to access an increasing number of services or personalized applications that can help them select the best restaurant, locate certain shops, choose the best way home or rent the best film. However this great quantity of services does not require the user to find and select those(More)