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This study was undertaken to determine the genetic structure, evolutionary relationships, and the genetic diversity among 18 local cattle breeds from Spain, Portugal, and France using 16 microsatellites. Heterozygosities, estimates of Fst, genetic distances, multivariate and diversity analyses, and assignment tests were performed. Heterozygosities ranged(More)
We evaluate different call admission control policies in various mul-tiservice cellular scenarios. For each of the studied policies we obtain the maximum calling rate that can be offered to the system to achieve a given QoS objective defined in terms of blocking probabilities. We propose an optimization methodology based on a hill climbing algorithm to find(More)
The objective of this paper 1 is to provide a robust representation of moving images based on layers. To that goal, we have designed eecient motion estimation and segmentation techniques by aane model tting suitable for the construction of layers. Layered representations, originally introduced in 4] are important in several applications. In particular, they(More)
We discuss the constraints on the supersymmetric parameter space from the decay mode b → sγ for large values of tan β. We improve the theoretical prediction for the decay rate by summing very large radiative corrections to all orders in perturbation theory. This extends the validity of the perturbative calculation to the large tan β regime. This resummation(More)
This paper presents a text-based emotion identification system based on text implemented by means of a language-independent architecture. The system includes several natural language processing tasks besides an affective keyword dictionary. The main novelty of the system is the incorporation of a semantic disambi-guation module which focuses on the meaning(More)
The use and convenience of canine tetranucleotide microsatellite markers for forensic purposes is addressed. These are commonly used in human genetics due to their high polymorphism, ease of laboratorial management and low mutation rates. However, care should be taken before including these markers in canine panels due to the high mutation rates shown in(More)
In the framework of a 2HDM effective lagrangian for the MSSM, we analyse some phe-nomenological implications of the soft SUSY breaking effects that modify the relation between the bottom mass and the bottom Yukawa coupling. We derive a resummation of the dominant supersymmetric corrections for large values of tanβ to all orders in perturbation theory. With(More)