David Ganz

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Recent reports have raised the concern that clozapine increases the risk for diabetes mellitus. Accurate pharmacoepidemiologic data on whether such a hazard exists and its magnitude are needed to enable clinicians and patients to make proper treatment decisions about clozapine. The authors performed a case-control study involving 7,227 cases of newly(More)
OBJECTIVES To systematically document the implementation, components, comparators, adherence, and effectiveness of published fall prevention approaches in U.S. acute care hospitals. DESIGN Systematic review. Studies were identified through existing reviews, searching five electronic databases, screening reference lists, and contacting topic experts for(More)
BACKGROUND Among patients in skilled nursing facilities for post-acute care, increased registered nurse, total licensed staff, and nurse assistant staffing is associated with a decreased rate of hospital transfer for selected diagnoses. However, the cost-effectiveness of increasing staffing to recommended levels is unknown. METHODS Using a Markov cohort(More)
Clinical application of pharmacogenetic testing has been proposed as a means of improving treatment outcomes in psychiatry. The identification of a putative genetic test for better clozapine response in schizophrenia offers an opportunity to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of such testing. The authors performed a cost-effectiveness analysis of a genetic(More)
BACKGROUND In primary care, medical care for age-associated conditions, such as falls and urinary incontinence (UI), is inadequate. In collaboration with the American College of Physicians, we augmented the Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders practice redesign intervention to improve falls and UI care. METHODS We performed a controlled trial in 5(More)
BACKGROUND Implementing quality improvement programs that require behavior change on the part of health care professionals and patients has proven difficult in routine care. Significant randomized trial evidence supports creating fall prevention programs for community-dwelling older adults, but adoption in routine care has been limited. Nationally-collected(More)
BACKGROUND Clozapine is currently restricted to patients who have failed at least two trials of other antipsychotic medications because of concerns that its use as a first-line agent would lead to greater mortality, mainly through agranulocytosis. AIMS OF THE STUDY We sought to determine the cost-effectiveness of allowing clozapine to be a first-line(More)
Real Time Ethernet systems, when viewed from the OSI layer 2, offer attractive characteristics for developers of generic embedded systems requiring real time communications. An important feature of mission critical systems is media redundancy to ensure connectivity under difficult conditions. Since MRPD, the PROFINET IRT redundancy protocol is not(More)
BACKGROUND Fall prevention interventions for community-dwelling older adults have been found to reduce falls in some research studies. However, wider implementation of fall prevention activities in routine care has yielded mixed results. We implemented a theory-driven program to improve care for falls at our Veterans Affairs healthcare facility. The first(More)