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The objective of this paper is to present experimental results for testing the performance of different auction mechanisms related to the introduction of competitive markets for the generation of electricity. The research is based on the concept of smart markets introduced by Vernon Smith and a simulation model (PowerWeb) of a realistic bulk power system.(More)
Appropriate routing protocol in data transfer is a challenging problem of network in terms of lower end-to-end delay in delivery of data packets with improving packet delivery ratio and lower overhead as well. In this paper we explain an effective and scalable AODV (called as AODV-ES) for Wireless Ad hoc Sensor Networks (WASN) by using third party reply(More)
Human skin, and its isolated cells, respond to insults with a variety of repair and protective mechanisms. One such mechanism is the production of heat shock proteins (HSPs). Heat shock proteins help the other cellular proteins fold correctly into their active three-dimensional structures. Therefore, they can enhance the survival of cells under harsh,(More)
The recently developed Odyssey gamma-ray spectrometer (GRS) has detected high concentrations of hydrogen, which strongly indicates there is permafrost and water ice in the upper meter of soil in the South Pole region of Mars. This finding presents the possibility that halophilic (salt loving) Archea might be present in its ice. It is possible that there may(More)
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