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The e-learning experience suffers from several known drawbacks; some resulting from the media in use, but some resulting from the unwise use of technology. The field that methodically deals with ways to utilize technologies and harness them for the users, in our case – the learners, is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The two major methods utilized(More)
Any progress and change in the world of Information Technologies (IT) impacts the lives of billions of people. Our work is part of a concerted effort of Human Centered Computing (HCC) to produce a shift in the world of IT from being focused on software to focusing on people who use the software.
The domain of Computerized Systems (or Information Technologies) is the basis of the Information Revolution that we are in its midst. It is changing the lives of entire generations and is shaping the faces of the human culture in various aspects: social, economical, educational. political, and others. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Systems to whom belong(More)
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