David G. Whiting

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It is proposed that the orientation of elongate objects, such as bones, may be used to identify the flow direction of ancient river deposits. If true, elongate objects could be of great value when ancient bedforms such as ripples and dunes are not visible. Two sandstone quarries were investigated wherein the paleoflow direction was determined from both(More)
BACKGROUND Older adults are at increased risk both of falling and of experiencing accidental domestic fire. In addition to advanced age, these adverse events share the risk factors of balance or mobility problems, cognitive impairment and socioeconomic deprivation. For both events, the consequences include significant injury and death, and considerable(More)
The codon-degeneracy model (CDM) predicts that patterns of nucleotide substitution in protein-coding genes are largely determined by the relative frequencies of four-fold (4f), two-fold, and non-degenerate sites, the attributes of which are determined by the structure of the governing genetic code. The CDM thus further predicts that genetic codes with(More)
Fowl cholera, a disease caused by Pasteurella multocida, continues to be a major problem for the poultry industry. The sources of pathogenic organisms responsible for most sporadic epidemics remain unconfirmed, although attenuated vaccines that retain a low level of virulence have occasionally been implicated in outbreaks of the disease. One of the vaccines(More)
This paper is concerned with the development of a stochastic path of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level after radiation treatment for prostate cancer. PSA is a biomarker for prostate cancer, higher levels of which indicate the seriousness of the cancer progression. Following the deterministic modeling of the data by the previous authors, Cox et al., this(More)
In order to make decisions regarding when to harvest cultured shrimp, short-term forecasts of future growth must be compared with expected future costs and changes in the value of the shrimp harvested. As with most agricultural products, researchers and business professionals collect and maintain data on the various factors that influence growth. Though(More)
Protecting or improving the efficiency and effectiveness of services while reducing costs in response to public sector funding reductions is a significant challenge for all public service organisations. Preventing falls in older people is a major public health objective. We propose here an innovative model of community partnership with Fire and Rescue(More)
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