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BACKGROUND There is little empirical evidence regarding the generalisability of relative risk estimates from studies which have relatively low response rates or are of limited representativeness. The aim of this study was to investigate variation in exposure-outcome relationships in studies of the same population with different response rates and designs by(More)
How did the study come about? Like other industrialized countries, Australia is facing major population ageing. From 2000 to 2025, the number of Australians aged 65 years and over will more than double, as a result of the ageing of the baby boom cohort and increasing life expectancy, while the number of people in working age groups will decline. 1 To guide(More)
BACKGROUND National data on dementia prevalence are not always available, yet it may be possible to obtain estimates from large surveys that include dementia screening instruments. In Australia, many of the dementia prevalence estimates are based on European data collected between 15 and 50 years ago. We derived population-based estimates of probable(More)
"The authors show how data from the 2% Sample of Anonymised Records (SAR) can be combined with data from the Small Area Statistics (SAS) database to investigate the causes of the ecological fallacy in an Enumeration District (ED) level analysis. A range of census variables are examined in three ¿SAR districts'...in England. Results of comparable analyses(More)
OBJECTIVE To test repeatability and relative validity of a computerized and interviewer administered assessment. METHODS Using a context-based case-control trial, 41 adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus were randomized into four groups to complete dietary assessments (computerized or interviewer administered) at 0, 2 and 8 weeks and food records at 0 and(More)
BACKGROUND In Australia telephone surveys have been the method of choice for ongoing jurisdictional population health surveys. Although it was estimated in 2011 that nearly 20% of the Australian population were mobile-only phone users, the inclusion of mobile phone numbers into these existing landline population health surveys has not occurred. This paper(More)
INTRODUCTION Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD) is the most common form of retinal detachment, where a retinal "break" allows the ingress of fluid from the vitreous cavity to the subretinal space, resulting in retinal separation. It occurs in about 1 in 10,000 people a year. METHODS AND OUTCOMES We conducted a systematic review and aimed to answer(More)
BACKGROUND The Breast Health Surveys, conducted by the National Breast Cancer Centre (NBCC) in 1996 and 2003, are designed to gain insight into the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of a nationally representative sample of Australian women on issues relevant to breast cancer. In this article, we focus on major aspects of the design and present results on(More)
The social network literature on network dependences has largely ignored other sources of dependence, such as the school that a student attends, or the area in which an individual lives. The multilevel modelling literature on school and area dependences has, in turn, largely ignored social networks. To bridge this divide, a multiple-membership(More)
  • Setareh Razmara, Iqbal Kaur, +33 authors Marsha Posusney
  • 2000
facilitated and supported the team and its work. Henriette Folquet asssisted the preparation of the manuscript. The team would like to thank all those who contributed and participated in the various stages of the production of this report, including those whose names are omitted but their contributions are greatly appreciated.