David G. Rosado

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Cloud Computing is a flexible, cost-effective, and proven delivery platform for providing business or consumer IT services over the Internet. However, cloud Computing presents an added level of risk because essential services are often outsourced to a third party, which makes it harder to maintain data security and privacy, support data and service(More)
Developing software through systematic processes is becoming more and more important due to the growing complexity of software development. It is important that the development process used integrates security aspects from the first stages at the same level as other functional and non-functional requirements. Systems which are based on Grid Computing are a(More)
Cloud computing is a new paradigm that combines several computing concepts and technologies of the Internet creating a platform for more agile and cost-effective business applications and IT infrastructure. The adoption of Cloud computing has been increasing for some time and the maturity of the market is steadily growing. Security is the question most(More)
Grid computing has arisen as an evolution of distributed systems mainly focused on the sharing of and remote access to resources in a uniform, transparent, secure, efficient and reliable manner. It is possible to join Grid technology and mobile technology in order to create one of the most promising technologies and developments to appear in recent years,(More)
Due to the growing dependence of information society on Information and Communication Technologies, the need to protect information is getting more and more important for enterprises. In this context, Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs), have arisen for supporting the processes and systems for effectively managing information security. The fact(More)
Recently, there has been a growing interest in identifying security patterns in software-intensive systems since they provide techniques for considering, detecting and solving security issues from the beginning of its development life-cycle. This paper describes how security architectural patterns lack of a comprehensive and complete well-structured(More)
Mobile Grid includes the characteristics of the Grid systems together with the peculiarities of Mobile Computing, with the additional feature of supporting mobile users and resources in a seamless, transparent, secure and efficient way. Security of these systems, due to their distributed and open nature, is considered a topic of great interest. We are(More)