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OBJECTIVE Our previous gene expression microarray studies identified a number of genes differentially expressed in patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and islet autoantibody-positive subjects. This study was designed to validate these gene expression changes in T1D patients and to identify gene expression changes in diabetes complications. RESEARCH DESIGH(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of prior duration of diabetes, glycated hemoglobin level at study entry, and microalbuminuria or macroalbuminuria on the extent and severity of coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral arterial disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS We studied baseline characteristics of the 2368 participants of the BARI 2D (Bypass Angioplasty(More)
This is an overview of the problem of the vacuum in light-cone field theory, stressing its close connection to other puzzles regarding light-cone quantiza-tion. I explain the sense in which the light-cone vacuum is " trivial, " and describe a way of setting up a quantum field theory on null planes so that it is equivalent to the usual equal-time(More)
TSIL is a library of utilities for the numerical calculation of dimensionally regularized two-loop self-energy integrals. A convenient basis for these functions is given by the integrals obtained at the end of O.V. Tarasov's recurrence relation algorithm. The program computes the values of all of these basis functions, for arbitrary input masses and(More)
Extending previous QCD Hamiltonian studies, we present a new renormaliza-tion procedure which generates an effective Hamiltonian for the gluon sector. The formulation is in the Coulomb gauge where the QCD Hamiltonian is renormalizable and the Gribov problem can be resolved. We utilize elements of the G lazek and Wilson regularization method but now(More)
We use the BLM method to x the renormalization scale of the QCD coupling in exclusive hadronic amplitudes such as the pion form factor and the photon-to-pion transition form factor at large momentum transfer. Renormalization-scheme-independent commensurate scale relations are established which connect the hard scattering sub-process amplitudes that control(More)
Light-cone quantization of (3+1)-dimensional electrodynamics is discussed, using dis-cretization as an infrared regulator and paying careful attention to the interplay between gauge choice and boundary conditions. In the zero longitudinal momentum sector of the theory a general gauge fixing is performed and the corresponding relations that determine the(More)