David G. Leahy

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The concept that mammalian epidermis is structurally organized into functional epidermal units has been proposed on the basis of stratum corneum (SC) architecture, proliferation kinetics, melanocyte:keratinocyte ratios (1:36), and, more recently, Langerhans cell: epidermal cell ratios (1:53). This article examines the concept of functional epidermal units(More)
A novel mathematical and molecular hypothesis is proposed to account for the peculiar organization of human epidermis. Mathematically, the organization of the interfollicular epidermis is hypothesized to be a tetratomic identity manifesting a gravitational logic in the arrangement of its functional compartments. The squares of the natural numbers; i.e., 1,(More)
THE PRIVATIZATION OF THE UK’S power industry has necessitated a radical restructuring of the relationships between those who generate the power and those who distribute it to consumers. These now primarily commercial relationships are governed by complex contracts, consisting of many thousands of pages detailing the formulas used to calculate the payments(More)
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