David G. Glynn

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A formula for Glynn’s hyperdeterminant detp (p prime) of a square matrix shows that the number of ways to decompose any integral doubly stochastic matrix with row and column sums p− 1 into p− 1 permutation matrices with even product, minus the number of ways with odd product, is 1 (mod p). It follows that the number of even Latin squares of order p− 1 is(More)
This paper studies families of self-orthogonal codes over Z4. We show that the simplex codes (Type α and Type β) are self-orthogonal. We partially answer the question of Z4-linearity for the codes from projective planes of even order. A new family of self-orthogonal codes over Z4 is constructed via projective planes of odd order. Properties such as shadow(More)
A new method of constructing arcs in projective space is given. It is a generalisation of the fact that a normal rational curve can be given by the complete intersection of a set of quadrics. The non-classicallO-arc of PG(4, 9) together with its special point is the set of derived points of a. cubic primal. This property is shared with the normal rational(More)
Every finite projective plane of odd order has an associated self-dual binary code with parameters (2(q2 + q + q2 + q + 1, We also construct other related self-orthogonal and doubly-even codes, and the vectors of minimum weight. The weight enumerator polynomials for the planes of orders 3 and 5 are found. The boundary and coboundary maps are introduced. 1.(More)
Coverage with evidence development (CED) has been promoted as a means of providing early access to innovative technologies. The policy provides for funding of a treatment or technology conditional on gathering data through a clinical trial or registry designed to determine its effectiveness and to identify rare adverse events. CED has been used with varying(More)