David G. Foster

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Recently, a flow-based selectin-dependent method for the capture and enrichment of specific types of cells (CD34+ hematopoetic stem and progenitor cells and human leukemia HL60) from peripheral blood was demonstrated. However, these devices depend on a monolayer of selectin protein, which has been shown to have a maximum binding efficiency as a function of(More)
The latest WAN infrastructure and Grid-based Web Services will be used to demonstrate movement and analysis of TeraByte-scale event datasets for particle physics. Optimized transfers of data over 10Gbit/sec networks linking servers and disk systems will be shown using the latest processors, PCI-Express NICs, RAID arrays and firmware. All available lambdas(More)
The nanoscale topography of adhesive surfaces is known to be an important factor governing cellular behavior. Previous work has shown that surface coatings composed of halloysite nanotubes enhance the adhesion, and therefore capture of, rare target cells such as circulating tumor cells. Here we demonstrate a unique feature of these coatings in their ability(More)
The scaling behavior of cyclical growth (e.g., cycles of alternating deposition and desorption primary processes) is investigated theoretically and probed experimentally. The scaling approach to kinetic roughening is generalized to cyclical processes by substituting the number of cycles n for the time. The roughness is predicted to grow as n(beta) where(More)
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