David G. Durand

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The MAPA system provides improved navigation facility for large web sites. It extracts a hierarchical structure from an arbitrary web site, with some minimal user assistance, and creates an interactive map of that site that can be used for orientation and navigation. MAPA is designed and most useful for large web sites of from 500 to 50,000 pages. We(More)
THE WAY IN WHICH TEXT IS represented on a computer affects the kinds of uses to which it can be put by its creator and by subsequent users. The electronic document model currently in use is impoverished and restrictive. The authors argue that text is best represented as an ordered hierarchy of content object (OHCO), because that is what text really is. This(More)
Status of this Memo This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Abstract Current World Wide Web (WWW or Web) standards provide simple support for applications which allow remote editing of typed data. In practice, the existing capabilities of the WWW(More)
Web) standards provide simple support for applications that allow remote editing of typed data. In practice, the existing capabilities of the WWW have proven inadequate to support efficient, scalable, remote editing, free of overwrit-ing conflicts. A list of features in the form of requirements which, if implemented, would improve the efficiency of common(More)
This paper describes the Palimpsest data model, which describes flexible merging and tracking of individual changes to shared hypertext or multimedia documents. Palimpsest is designed to represent and manage the sorts of versioning problems that will inevitably occur in distributed collaborative manipulation of shared data. In fact, in a cooperative editing(More)
A document that is in active use is generally one that is changing. Version control provides one way to control the disruptive effects of change without the worse solution of preventing or obstructing it. This panel will examine the relevance and problems of version control, with an emphasis on the topic of collaboration support. Despite ha long history in(More)
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