David G. Cogan

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Twelve members of a family with hereditary cerebellar ataxia of late onset were examined and, in 5, quantitative recording of eye movements were obtained. The initial and most severe symptom in all patients was ataxia of gait, followed by dysarthria and later by dysmetria of the limbs. Clinical examination did not reveal involvement of structures other than(More)
Several viral, fungal, and protozoal diseases of the eye are significantly associated with immunologic deficiencies. Of the viral agents, cytomegaly and herpes simplex and zoster cause a discrete necrotizing retinopathy that has the characteristics of vascular occlusion. Measles may result in a delayed retinopathy that is predominantly macular and(More)
Analysis of the neurologic symptomatology in 22 patients with Niemann-Pick disease type C revealed 3 phenotypes: (1) an early-onset, rapidly progressive form associated with severe hepatic dysfunction and psychomotor delay during infancy and later with supranuclear vertical gaze paresis, ataxia, marked spasticity, and dementia; (2) a delayed-onset, slowly(More)