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Hydraulic connectivity on hillslopes and the existence of preferred soil moisture states in a catchment have important controls on runoff generation. In this study we investigate the relationships between soil moisture patterns, lateral hillslope flow, and streamflow generation in a semi-arid, snowmelt-driven catchment. We identify five soil moisture(More)
The controls on the spatial distribution of soil moisture include static and dynamic variables. The super-position of static and dynamic controls can lead to different soil moisture patterns for a given catchment during wetting , draining, and drying periods. These relationships can be further complicated in snow-dominated mountain regions where soil water(More)
The van der Waals picture focuses on the differing roles of the strong short-ranged repulsive intermolecular forces and the longer ranged attractions in determining the structure and dynamics of dense fluids and solids. According to this physical picture, the attractive interactions help fix the volume of the system, but the arrangements and motions of(More)
[1] Soil depth is an important input parameter in hydrological and ecological modeling. Presently, the soil depth data available in national soil databases (STATSGO and SSURGO) from the Natural Resources Conservation Service are provided as averages within generalized land units (map units). Spatial uncertainty within these units limits their applicability(More)
Snowmelt in mountainous areas is an important contributor to river water fl ows in the western United States. We developed a distributed model that calculates solar radia on, canopy energy balance, surface energy balance, snow pack dynamics, soil water fl ow, snow–soil–bedrock heat exchange, soil water freezing, and lateral surface and subsurface water fl(More)
We develop a class of models with which we simulate the assembly of particles into T1 capsidlike objects using Newtonian dynamics. By simulating assembly for many different values of system parameters, we vary the forces that drive assembly. For some ranges of parameters, assembly is facile; for others, assembly is dynamically frustrated by kinetic traps(More)