David G. Bryson

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Lung tissues from calves naturally and experimentally infected with Mycoplasma bovis were subjected to histopathological and immunohistochemical examination. The latter was carried out with a monoclonal antibody raised against M. bovis, and an avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex (ABC) detection substrate system. Pulmonary lesions in naturally infected calves(More)
As part of an initiative aimed at reducing the number of cattle deaths in Northern Ireland, a survey of bovine mortality on a stratified random sample of farms and veterinary practices was carried out during 1992. In the farm survey, over 3500 deaths were reported from 1069 farms, with a further 237 farms reporting no deaths during the year. The estimated(More)
Studies of tuberculosis have suggested a shift in dominance from a T helper type 1 (Th1) towards a Th2 immune response that is associated with suppressed cell-mediated immune (CMI) responses and increased humoral responses as the disease progresses. In this study a natural host disease model was used to investigate the balance of the evolving immune(More)
A study of bovine mortality involving a stratified random sample of farms and veterinary practices was carried out in Northern Ireland during 1992. In the farm survey over 3500 deaths were reported from 1069 farms and 237 farms reported no deaths. The estimated total number of deaths of cattle up to two years old was 12,332, a figure which excludes an(More)
Rhabdovirus was isolated from wild common bream Abramis brama during a disease outbreak with high mortality in Northern Ireland during May 1998. Rhabdovirus was also isolated at the same time from healthy farmed rainbow Oncorhynchus mykiss and brown trout Salmo trutta on the same stretch of river and 11 mo later from healthy wild bream and roach Rutilus(More)
During an investigation of pig abortions and stillbirths in Northern Ireland, leptospires were isolated from 55 of the 78 litters examined. Strains belonging to four serogroups (Australis, Icterohaemorrhagiae, Hebdomadis and Autumnalis) were recovered but leptospires of the Australis serogroup accounted for 91 per cent of the isolates. Two serovars of the(More)
Early lesion formation was examined in 13 calves inoculated intranasally with 2 x 10(7) colony-forming units of Mycobacterium bovis and killed either singly or in pairs at intervals of < or = 7 days from post-inoculation day (pid) 3 to pid 42. Immunological examinations were carried out before and after infection, and sequential necropsies were performed.(More)
Modulation of Immune Responses to Mycobacterium bovis in Cattle Depleted of WC1 T Cells Hilary E. Kennedy, Michael D. Welsh, David G. Bryson, Joseph P. Cassidy, Fiona I. Forster, Christopher J. Howard, Robert A. Collins, and John M. Pollock* Department of Veterinary Science, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN, Veterinary Sciences Division, The(More)
Extensive pneumonic lesions were present in 42 out of 43 calves obtained for post mortem examination from 34 outbreaks of respiratory disease in Northern Ireland. Bronchiolitis and alveolitis with necrosis of bronchiolar mucosa which progressed to bronchiolitis obliterans and peribronchiolar fibrosis were prominent histopathological features in the lungs of(More)