David G. Brown

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Despite a high current standard of care in antiretroviral therapy for HIV, multidrug-resistant strains continue to emerge, underscoring the need for additional novel mechanism inhibitors that will offer expanded therapeutic options in the clinic. We report a new class of small molecule antiretroviral compounds that directly target HIV-1 capsid (CA) via a(More)
f educators are to communicate effectively with their students, they must also be able to speak the language of a computer-nurtured generation. We would argue the best way for a university to accomplish these goals is to place a computer in the hands of every student and faculty member. This article reports on the experience of one university that has(More)
The biosynthesis of many vitamins and coenzymes has often proven difficult to elucidate owing to a combination of low abundance and kinetic lability of the pathway intermediates. Through a serial reconstruction of the cobalamin (vitamin B(12)) pathway in Escherichia coli and by His tagging the terminal enzyme in the reaction sequence, we have observed that(More)
Modern magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems consist of several complex, high cost subsystems. The cost and complexity of these systems often makes them impractical for use as routine laboratory instruments, limiting their use to hospitals and dedicated laboratories. However, advances in the consumer electronics industry have led to the widespread(More)
The Next Linear Collider accelerator will require phase synchronization of ~20 °X-band (11.424 GHz) long term, and ~1 °X-band short term throughout its 30 kilometer length. A prototype fiber optic distribution system has been constructed to demonstrate this level of performance. This system operates by measuring the optical round trip time in the fiber, and(More)
contributes the second in a series of Occasional Papers in which higher education administrators who have examined their roles and responsibilities have been asked to share their reports with colleagues. The author speaks from knowledge by acquaintance rather than knowledge by description—an important difference in understanding. As the author notes, he(More)
For any N points arbitrarily located in a d-dimensional space, Thomas Cover popularized and augmented a theorem that gives an expression for the number of the 2N possible two-class dichotomies of those points that are separable by a hyperplane. Since separation of two-class dichotomies in d dimensions is a common problem addressed by computational(More)