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Transgenic mice over-expressing mutant human amyloid precursor protein have become an important tool for research on Alzheimer's disease (AD) and, in particular, for therapeutic screening. Many models have reported formation of amyloid plaques with age as is detected in AD. However, the plaques generated in transgenic mice are more soluble than human(More)
This paper provides an account of the way in which a group of schools in a single town in the UK have used the legacy of the Carpe Vitam project to aid them with their attempts to collaborate. The paper describes how the 'tools for discourse' that were developed through the Carpe Vitam project (for example a redesigned survey instrument, the portraiture(More)
A report on an international survey of the views of teachers and teacher union officials ii Contents page Acknowledgements i Contents ii Foreword by Fred van Leeuwen iii Introduction 1 Section 1: Self-efficacy, wellbeing and teacher leadership 3 Section 2: Conversations with teachers and teacher unions: the method 9 Section 3: Teacher's views and(More)
The views expressed in this report are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Acknowledgements We are very grateful to the representatives of the employer organisations, schools and colleges who participated in the surveys informing this research study. Additionally, we are indebted to the(More)
 The Georgia Tech Regional Engineering Program (GTREP) expands engineering education opportunities by offering Georgia Tech u ndergraduate engineering degrees in southeast Georgia in collaboration campuses and remote programs are not new, GTREP incorporates a number of innovative elements. Students initially enroll at one of the three regional(More)
The implementation of biodegradable stents has the potential to revolutionize obstructive coronary artery disease treatment. Limitations still currently exist, however, that prevent biodegradable stents from replacing permanent metallic stents in the global market. The ideal combination of stent properties, including sufficient mechanical strength,(More)
The paper arises from the International Teacher Leadership project, a research and development project involving researchers and practitioners in 14 European countries. The paper provides a conceptual exploration of the idea of teacher leadership and its role in educational reform, central to which is the idea that teachers, regardless of their level of(More)
[To freethinking] iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Santamarina, for the opportunity to work and study in his group. His patience, dedication and insightful comments were the keystone for the success of this thesis. Also, I would like to thank to my thesis suggestions and exceptional courses taught at Georgia Tech. I want to express(More)