David Freitas

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES An increasing percentage of all surgery is performed in an ambulatory surgery setting. Concurrently, arthroscopy of the shoulder joint has allowed definitive repair of shoulder pathology to occur in this environment. This study was designed to ascertain whether interscalene block is reliable and efficient for use in same-day(More)
BACKGROUND Sciatic nerve block when combined with femoral nerve block for total knee arthroplasty may provide superior analgesia but can produce footdrop, which may mask surgically induced peroneal nerve injury. In this prospective, randomized, observer-blinded study, we evaluated whether performing a selective tibial nerve block in the popliteal fossa(More)
This paper presents a 16-Gb/s 45-nm SOI CMOS transceiver for multi-standard backplane applications. The receiver uses a 12-tap DFE with circuit refinements for supporting higher data rates. Both the receiver and the transmitter use dynamic adaptation to combat parameter drift due to changing supply and temperature. A 3-tap FFE is included in the(More)
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