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Why put emotion into games? The answers are art and money. Sure, it's an unholy alliance, but so are pineapple and pizza, windmills and tiny golf courses, the military and intelligence, and canned fruit and gelatin molds. Don't get me wrong. I think of myself as an artist first and a businessman second. But game companies that don't make a profit aren't(More)
We present a general framework for constructing families of elliptic curves of prime order with prescribed embedding degree. We demonstrate this method by constructing curves with embedding degree k = 10, which solves an open problem posed by Boneh, Lynn, and Shacham [6]. We show that our framework incorporates existing constructions for k = 3, 4, 6, and(More)
Interindividual differences in plasma low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels reflect both environmental variation and genetic polymorphism, but the specific genes involved and their relative contributions to the variance in LDL-C are not known. In this study we investigated the relationship between plasma LDL-C concentrations and three genes(More)
We present algorithms which, given a genus 2 curve C defined over a finite field and a quartic CM field K, determine whether the endomorphism ring of the Jacobian J of C is the full ring of integers in K. In particular, we present probabilistic algorithms for computing the field of definition of, and the action of Frobenius on, the subgroups J[ℓ d ] for(More)
Impairment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected cells to deal with reactive drug metabolites may be a mechanism for the increased rate of adverse drug reactions seen in AIDS. HIV Tat protein expression may be associated with increased oxidative stress within HIV-infected cells. To determine the relationship between expression of HIV Tat and(More)
α-synuclein dysregulation is a critical aspect of Parkinson's disease pathology. Recent studies have observed that α-synuclein aggregates are cytotoxic to cells in culture and that this toxicity can be spread between cells. However, the molecular mechanisms governing this cytotoxicity and spread are poorly characterized. Recent studies of viruses and(More)
Tumor-derived immune suppression is a major impediment to successful immune/gene cancer therapy. In the present study, we describe a novel strategy to disrupt tumor-derived immune suppression by silencing a tolerogenic molecule of tumor origin, IDO, using small interfering RNA (siRNA). Silencing of IDO in B16F10 cells in vitro using IDO-siRNA prevented(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relation between serum clozapine and nor-clozapine levels and blood cell counts during clozapine treatment. METHOD We undertook a prospective longitudinal study of 37 consecutive patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia treated with clozapine. We obtained informed consent and then determined serum concentrations of clozapine(More)