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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine serum (perfluorooctanoate [PFOA]) in residents near a fluoropolymer production facility: the contributions from air, water, and occupational exposures, personal and dietary habits, and relationships to age and gender. METHODS The authors conducted questionnaire and serum PFOA measurements in a(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine whether certain biomarkers of toxicity and/or a past diagnosis of liver or thyroid disease were associated with serum perfluorooctanoate concentrations (PFOA) in a community with longstanding environmental exposure to PFOA. METHODS Serum (PFOA), hematologic and biochemical biomarkers, and a(More)
Why put emotion into games? The answers are art and money. Sure, it's an unholy alliance, but so are pineapple and pizza, windmills and tiny golf courses, the military and intelligence, and canned fruit and gelatin molds. Don't get me wrong. I think of myself as an artist first and a businessman second. But game companies that don't make a profit aren't(More)
We present a general framework for constructing families of elliptic curves of prime order with prescribed embedding degree. We demonstrate this method by constructing curves with embedding degree k = 10, which solves an open problem posed by Boneh, Lynn, and Shacham [6]. We show that our framework incorporates existing constructions for k = 3, 4, 6, and(More)
A large frontonasal bone flap was created to treat diseases of the paranasal sinuses in 14 horses. The bone flap was made as wide as possible within the confines of the nasolacrimal duct so the floor of the frontal sinus and the dorsal and ventral conchae could be opened. These openings exposed the nasal passages, maxillary sinuses, and ventral conchal(More)
The main objective of this experiment was to examine the effects of the percentage and source of crude protein (CP) and the amount of starch in the diet of dairy cows on ruminal fermentation, nutrient passage to the small intestine, and nutrient digestibility. For this purpose, 6 multiparous Holstein cows fistulated in the rumen and duodenum that averaged(More)
Four multiparous lactating Holstein cows that were fistulated in the rumen and duodenum and that averaged 205 d in milk were used in a 4 x 4 Latin square design to evaluate the practical replacement of solvent-extracted soybean meal (SSBM) with soy protein products of reduced ruminal degradability. On a dry matter (DM) basis, diets contained 15% alfalfa(More)
Five multiparous Holstein cows cannulated in the rumen and duodenum that averaged 63 d in milk were used in a 5 x 5 Latin square design with 14-d periods to evaluate the incremental substitution of soyhulls for corn in the diet. Diets contained 23% alfalfa silage, 23% corn silage, and 54% concentrate on a dry matter (DM) basis. Pelleted soyhulls replaced(More)
We present algorithms which, given a genus 2 curve C defined over a finite field and a quartic CM field K, determine whether the endomorphism ring of the Jacobian J of C is the full ring of integers in K. In particular, we present probabilistic algorithms for computing the field of definition of, and the action of Frobenius on, the subgroups J[ℓ d ] for(More)