David Freedman

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A bstract. Iterated random functions are used to draw pictures or simulate large Ising models, among other applications. They offer a method for studying the steady state distribution of a Markov chain, and give useful bounds on rates of convergence in a variety of examples. The present paper surveys the field and presents some new examples. There is a(More)
Regression adjustments are often made to experimental data. Since randomization does not justify the models, almost anything can happen. Here, we evaluate results using Neyman’s non-parametric model, where each subject has two potential responses, one if treated and the other if untreated. Only one of the two responses is observed. Regression estimates are(More)
For nearly a century, investigators in the social sciences have used regression models to deduce cause-and-effect relationships from patterns of association. Path models and automated search procedures are more recent developments. In my view, this enterprise has not been successful. The models tend to neglect the difficulties in establishing causal(More)
Regressions can be weighted by propensity scores in order to reduce bias. However, weighting is likely to increase random error in the estimates, and to bias the estimated standard errors downward, even when selection mechanisms are well understood. Moreover, in some cases, weighting will increase the bias in estimated causal parameters. If investigators(More)
In 19th century Europe, suicide rates were higher in countries that were more heavily Protestant, the inference being that suicide was promoted by the social conditions of Protestantism (Durkheim 1897; also see Neeleman and Lewis 1999). According to Carroll (1975), death rates from breast cancer are higher in countries where fat is a larger component of the(More)
Experiments offer more reliable evidence on causation than observational studies, which is not to gainsay the contribution to knowledge from observation. Experiments should be analyzed as experiments, not as observational studies. A simple comparison of rates might be just the right tool, with little value added by "sophisticated" models. This article(More)
The logit model is often used to analyze experimental data. However, randomization does not justify the model, so the usual estimators can be inconsistent. A consistent estimator is proposed. Neyman’s non-parametric setup is used as a benchmark. In this setup, each subject has two potential responses, one if treated and the other if untreated; only one of(More)