David Frazier

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This paper proposes an initial catalog of easy-to-state, relatively simple , and incrementally more and more challenging benchmark problems for the Verified Software Initiative. These benchmarks support assessment of verification tools and techniques to prove total correctness of functionality of sequential object-based and object-oriented software. The(More)
Experiments utilizing squid giant axons have been carried out to determine if the duration of anesthesia obtained from phenobarbital, pentobarbital and hexobarbital can be explained by events related to their action at the nerve membrane level. For comparison, the barbiturates were perfused both outside and inside the squid axon at concentrations which(More)
Experiments utilizing internally perfused squid giant axons have been carried out to determine the mode of action of tricaine (MS-222) in producing its anesthetic effects. Tricaine, in concentrations of 1 and 3 mM, was applied to the internal surface of the membrane via the perfusion system. Peak sodium current and steady-state potassium current were(More)
a funder's repository at a funder's request, provided it is not made publicly available until 12 months after publication. Abstract. A central objective of the verifying compiler grand challenge is to develop a pushbutton verifier that generates proofs of correctness in a syntax-driven fashion similar to the way an ordinary compiler generates machine code.(More)
The effects of varying the external calcium concentration on the suppression of membrane ionic conductances by procaine and benzocaine have been examined under voltage-clamped conditions. The suppression of peak conductance and steady-state conductance by procaine or benzocaine applied externally or internally was not affected by changing the external(More)
The active form of procaine and its, site of action on the nerve membrane have been studied in intact and internally perfused squid giant axons. Voltage clamp techniques were employed to measure the masimum values for peak sodium conductance and for steady-state potassium conductance as an index of activity. Changes in internal pH between 7 and 8 do not(More)
We consider consistent estimation of parameters in a structural model by Indirect Inference (II) when the exogenous variables can be missing at random (MAR) endogenously. We demonstrate that II procedures which simply discard sample units with missing observations can yield inconsistent estimates of the true structural parameters. By inverse probability(More)
Approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) methods have become increasingly prevalent of late, facilitating as they do the analysis of intractable, or challenging, statistical problems. With the initial focus being primarily on the practical import of ABC, exploration of its formal statistical properties has begun to attract more attention. The aim of this(More)
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