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We investigate the biological effects of radiation using adult Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism, focusing on gene expression and lifespan analysis to determine the effect of different radiation doses. Our results support a threshold effect in response to radiation: no effect on lifespan and no permanent effect on gene expression is seen at(More)
Previous research has shown that gold nanoparticles can increase the effectiveness of radiation on cancer cells. Improved radiation effectiveness would allow lower radiation doses given to patients, reducing adverse effects; alternatively, it would provide more cancer killing at current radiation doses. Damage from radiation and gold nanoparticles depends(More)
We believe that navigation in information spaces is best supported by tapping into our natural spatial and geographic ways of thinking. To this end, we are developing a new computer interface model called Pad. The ongoing Pad project uses a spatial metaphor for computer interface design. It provides an intuitive base for the support of such applications as(More)
This paper describes an approach, based on a system, called Threads, which is already in commercial use, to automatically synchronise sets of digital messages (e.g. e-mail and digitised phone calls) with particular projects, in which context the messages were created. Based on the authors' experience that it is generally easier to browse projects of(More)
Because a very large number of gene expression data sets are currently publicly available, comparisons across experiments between different laboratories have become a common task. However, most existing methods of comparing gene expression data sets require setting arbitrary cutoffs (e.g., for statistical significance or fold change), which could select(More)
Environmental and genetic interventions extend health span in a range of organisms by triggering changes in different specific but complementary pathways. We investigated the gene expression changes that occur across species when health span is extended via different interventions. To perform this comparison using heterogeneous datasets from different(More)