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The RightPages electronic library prototype system, which gives users full online library services, is described. The prototype takes advantage of fast hardware, multimedia workstations, and broadband networks to process scientific and technical journals for users and to offer a service that: alerts them to the arrival of new journal articles matching their(More)
A core principle of Agile development is to satisfy the customer by providing valuable software on an early and continuous basis. For a software application to be valuable it should have a user interface that is usable. Recently there has been some evidence that suggests using Agile methods alone does not ensure that an applications UI is usable. As a(More)
We investigate the biological effects of radiation using adult Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism, focusing on gene expression and lifespan analysis to determine the effect of different radiation doses. Our results support a threshold effect in response to radiation: no effect on lifespan and no permanent effect on gene expression is seen at(More)
The heart is not only our most vital, but also our most complex organ: Precisely controlled by the interplay of electrical and mechanical fields, it consists of four chambers and four valves, which act in concert to regulate its filling, ejection, and overall pump function. While numerous computational models exist to study either the electrical or the(More)
Previous research has shown that gold nanoparticles can increase the effectiveness of radiation on cancer cells. Improved radiation effectiveness would allow lower radiation doses given to patients, reducing adverse effects; alternatively, it would provide more cancer killing at current radiation doses. Damage from radiation and gold nanoparticles depends(More)
This paper describes Minerva, an interactive tour-guide robot that was successfully deployed in a Smithsonian museum. Minerva's software is pervasively probabilistic, relying on explicit representations of uncertainty in perception and control. During 2 weeks of operation, the robot interacted with thousands of people, both in the museum and through the(More)
Since the publication of the first paper on Magic Lenses, various methods have been proposed for implementing lenses which filter the objects seen through them However, all the methods proposed stier from various flaws. In particular , none of these methods solve the problem of composing lenses in a general way. A method which solves all these problems is(More)
If several physical theories are consistent with the same experimental data, which theory should we choose? Physicists often choose the simplest theory; this principle (explicitly formulated by Occam) is one of the basic principles of physical reasoning. However, until recently, this principle was mainly a heuristic because it uses the informal notion of(More)
Environmental and genetic interventions extend health span in a range of organisms by triggering changes in different specific but complementary pathways. We investigated the gene expression changes that occur across species when health span is extended via different interventions. To perform this comparison using heterogeneous datasets from different(More)