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OBJECTIVES This study sought to investigate the prevalence of potentially abnormal electrocardiographic (ECG) patterns in young individuals to assess the implications for a nationwide screening program for conditions causing sudden cardiac death (SCD). BACKGROUND The Italian experience suggests that pre-participation screening with ECG reduces the(More)
When a two-dimensional (2D) traveling salesman problem (TSP) is presented on a computer screen, human subjects can produce near-optimal tours in linear time. In this study we tested human performance on a real and virtual floor, as well as in a three-dimensional (3D) virtual space. Human performance on the real floor is as good as that on a computer screen.(More)
This paper describes an immersive interactive virtual environment created to educate students about ecosystem dynamics. Traditional tools and methods for teaching theories regarding these dynamics use 2D static images that cannot adequately display to students the complex nature of the interactions taking place in the ecosystem, making it difficult to(More)
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