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(pdf IISc intranet only). Reuse Methodology Manual for System-on-a-Chip Designs pdf Verification Methodology Manual for Low Power (VMM-LP) to verify its low power chip designs. ABSTRACT: Low power has developed as an important subject in today's and Kaijian Shi, " Low Power Methodology Manual for System on Chip Design ". not be enough for many IOT low-power(More)
—Advances in video compression technology have been driven by ever-increasing processing power available in software and hardware. The emerging High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard aims to provide a doubling in coding efficiency with respect to the H.264/AVC high profile, delivering the same video quality at half the bit rate. In this paper,(More)
We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of Direct File System (DFS) for virtualized flash storage. Instead of using traditional layers of abstraction, our layers of abstraction are designed for directly accessing flash memory devices. DFS has two main novel features. First, it lays out its files directly in a very large virtual storage address(More)
One of today's most successful embedded devices, the mobile phone, embodies a set of challenging design requirements: long battery life, small size, high performance and low cost. The single parameter that complicates the simultaneous fulfilment of all of these design goals is energy efficiency of the system, since batteries only hold a finite amount of(More)
Over the last twenty years the interfaces for accessing persistent storage within a computer system have remained essentially unchanged. Simply put, seek, read and write have defined the fundamental operations that can be performed against storage devices. These three interfaces have endured because the devices within storage subsystems have not(More)
Nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB is a major survival pathway engaged by the Human T-Lymphotropic Virus type 1 (HTLV-1) Tax protein. Tax1 activation of NF-kappaB occurs predominantly in the cytoplasm, where Tax1 binds NF-kappaB Essential Modulator (NEMO/IKKgamma) and triggers the activation of IkappaB kinases. Several independent studies have shown that(More)
—Power switches are used as part of power-gating technique to reduce leakage power of a design. To the best of our knowledge this is the first study that analyzes recently proposed DFT solutions for testing power switches through SPICE simulations on a number of ISCAS benchmarks and presents the following contributions. It provides evidence of long(More)