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  • Daniel B. Jernigan, Pratima L. Raghunathan, Beth P. Bell, Ross Brechner, Eddy A. Bresnitz, Jay C. Butler +36 others
  • 2002
In October 2001, the first inhalational anthrax case in the United States since 1976 was identified in a media company worker in Florida. A national investigation was initiated to identify additional cases and determine possible exposures to Bacillus anthracis. Surveillance was enhanced through health-care facilities, laboratories, and other means to(More)
The number of people at risk for chronic diseases is increasing, and methods for reducing risk and promoting health are becoming more complex. Demands of changing political and social environments, as well as economic and demographic trends, are forcing state and local health departments to reassess what is most important and make judicious choices that(More)
  • David Fleming, L E T T E R F R O M T H E D I R E C T, O R, D R D Av I D F L E M I N G
  • 2011
It has been a very busy time for the Center. We are pleased that Dr. Sarah Breier will continue to be a principle and scholar of the Center, all the way from Tasmania, Australia. Dr. Clay Anderson has moved to North Kansas City Hospital to direct the palliative care program. Travis Dixon went to work with major events planning on MU campus. We welcome Matt(More)
fMRI studies increasingly examine functions and properties of non-primary areas of human auditory cortex. However there is currently no standardized localization procedure to reliably identify specific areas across individuals such as the standard 'localizers' available in the visual domain. Here we present an fMRI 'voice localizer' scan allowing rapid and(More)
  • Jennifer L Siaca, Christine Proffitt, Gabrielle Lyon, Jameela Jafri, Aaron Beighle, Michael W Beets +37 others
  • 2015
Building on increasing consensus on the definition of quality in afterschool programming, the New York State Afterschool Network developed a quality framework and related assessment tools that can be used to promote program quality. A study of high-quality youth arts programs, supported by the literature on sustainability, suggests strategies OST programs(More)
about providing high-quality learning experiences for children and youth Responding to the expressed needs of the field, the U.S. Department of Education is building You for Youth (Y4Y), an online learning community whose modules will enhance the professional development of afterschool practitioners and program managers. The example of two pilot credentials(More)
  • Julie Maxwell-Jolly, Learning English, Beyond Jhumpa Bhattacharya, Jimena Quiroga, Tracey Hartmann, Deborah Good +21 others
  • 2015
Focusing on literacy and math learning through science-based projects, Summer Space Camp enrolled over 200 Pre-K to seventh-grade students for six weeks. Opportunity Agenda, in collaboration with Boston After School & Beyond as its operational partner, and the Boston Public Schools. The Boston Opportunity Agenda is a public/private partnership with a(More)
The influence of language familiarity upon speaker identification is well established, to such an extent that it has been argued that "Human voice recognition depends on language ability" [Perrachione TK, Del Tufo SN, Gabrieli JDE (2011) Science 333(6042):595]. However, 7-mo-old infants discriminate speakers of their mother tongue better than they do(More)