David Flacher

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This article addresses the impact of regulatory policy on levels of infrastructure deployment and derived welfare in the telecommunications sector. The model considers two potentially coexisting and partially competing techniques (the “old” ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technique) and the “new” FTTH Fibre To The Home one). Competition is supposed(More)
The principle of conditional convergence, in growth theory, fails to explain growth paths that are durably divergent among countries having similar structural characteristics (same rates of investment, of capital depreciation, of demographic growth, and similar access to technologies and resources...). Our research models the reasons of these divergences(More)
What was the role of consumption structure evolution in the industrialization phases of the Western world since the 18th century? To answer this question, we …rst ask the économical ad histoical literature. We idetify the main phases of consumption structure evolution and establish a plausible link between consumption structure evolutions and industrial(More)
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