David Finkle

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The four receptors of the Notch family are widely expressed transmembrane proteins that function as key conduits through which mammalian cells communicate to regulate cell fate and growth. Ligand binding triggers a conformational change in the receptor negative regulatory region (NRR) that enables ADAM protease cleavage at a juxtamembrane site that(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the effectiveness of early and prolonged mu4D5 (the murine form of trastuzumab/Herceptin) treatment in transgenic mice that overexpress human HER2 (huHER2), under the murine mammary tumor virus promoter, as a model of huHER2-overexpressing breast cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Mice were randomly assigned to one of three treatment(More)
Inhibiting angiogenesis has become an important therapeutic strategy for cancer treatment but, like other current targeted therapies, benefits experienced for late-stage cancers can be curtailed by inherent refractoriness or by acquired drug resistance, requiring a need for better mechanistic understanding of such effects. Numerous preclinical studies have(More)
A prospective study was performed to evaluate the diagnostic methods used in acute maxillofacial trauma. Clinical examination, routine facial x-rays with linear tomography, and computer tomography were compared in 49 patients. Computer tomography was found to be the most accurate test in the diagnosis of facial bone injury, especially complex fractures.(More)
Quantifying oxygenation in viable tumor remains a major obstacle toward a better understanding of the tumor micro-environment and improving treatment strategies. Current techniques are often complicated by tumor heterogeneity. Herein, a novel in vivo approach that combines (19)F magnetic resonance imaging ((19)F-MRI) R 1 mapping with diffusion-based(More)
Cardiotrophin-1 (CT-1) is a recently discovered cytokine that was isolated based on its ability to induce cardiac myocyte hypertrophy in vitro. In this study, the effects of chronic administration of CT-1 to mice (0.5 or 2 microg by intraperitoneal injection, twice a day for 14 days) were determined. A dose-dependent increase in both the heart weight and(More)
Drugs with prolonged on-target residence times often show superior efficacy, yet general strategies for optimizing drug-target residence time are lacking. Here we made progress toward this elusive goal by targeting a noncatalytic cysteine in Bruton's tyrosine kinase (BTK) with reversible covalent inhibitors. Using an inverted orientation of the(More)
Twenty-one patients with metabolic alkalosis were treated successfully with intravenous hydrochloric acid (HCl) buffered in an amino acid solution (TPN). No complications of HCl were seen. TPN was used to meet energy needs and provide a buffering effect through the interaction of HCl and amino acids. Buffered HCl therapy should be considered as the initial(More)
Notch ligands signal through one of four receptors on neighboring cells to mediate cell-cell communication and control cell fate, proliferation, and survival. Although aberrant Notch activation has been implicated in numerous malignancies, including breast cancer, the importance of individual receptors in distinct breast cancer subtypes and the mechanisms(More)