David Finkel

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Recent studies with dicot plants reveal that floral organ development is controlled by a group of regulatory factors containing the MADS domain. In this study, we have isolated and characterized a cDNA clone from rice, OsMADS1, which encodes a MADS-domain-containing protein. The OsMADS1 amino acid sequence shows 56.2% identity to AGL2 and 44,4% identity to(More)
We evaluated the efficacy of gonadotropin treatment in stimulating spermatogenesis in men with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. When 21 men with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism were treated with human chorionic gonadotropin, the sperm count increased to within the normal range in the 6 in whom hypogonadism had begun after puberty, but in only 1 of the 15 in(More)
The growth in network bitrates and server-based processing has provided a renewed opportunity for thin client games, where the server does heavy-weight computations, sending only the visual game frames to the client, and the client displays frames, sending only the user actions to the server. Understanding the traffic characteristics of thin client games is(More)
This paper explores reasons for the high degree of variability in the sizes of ASes that have recently been observed, and the processes by which this variable distribution develops. AS size distribution is important for a number of reasons. First, when modeling network topologies, an AS size distribution assists in labeling routers with an associated AS.(More)
Cycloleucine, a competitive inhibitor of methionine transferase was used to generate in vivo partially methylated mRNA in SV40-infected BSC-1 cells. Cycloleucine at 0.5 mg/ml causes more than a 30% decrease in internal m6As of late SV40 mRNA with only minor effect on the dimethyladenosine of the 5' caps m7GpppmAm. After treatment with 2 and 5 mg/ml of(More)
Cloud-based games are an increasingly popular method to distribute and play computer games on the Internet. While there has been some work studying network aspects of cloud-based games and examining the effects of latency on traditional games, there has not been sufficient research on the impact of latency on cloud-based games nor a comparison of the impact(More)
A model for distributed systems with failing components is presented. Each node may fail and during its recovery the load is distributed to other nodes that are up. The model assumes periodic checkpointing for error recovery and testing of the status of other nodes for the distribution of load. We consider the availability of a node, which is the proportion(More)
Volunteer computing projects have been used to make significant advances in knowledge since the 1990s. These projects use idle CPU cycles donated by people to solve computationally intensive problems in medicine, the sciences and other disciplines. It is important to use the donated cycles as efficiently as possible because participation in volunteer(More)
Cluster computing, whereby a large number of simple processors or nodes are combined together to apparently function as a single powerfil computer, has emerged as a research area in its own right. The approach oflers a relatively inexpensive means of achieving significant computational capabilities for high-performance computing applications, while(More)
Sophisticated applications and software development on the Web demand an extensive and thorough understanding of a variety of computer science disciplines, as well as providing their own set of issues. Therefore, we have created an advanced undergraduate computer science course called <i>Webware: Computational Technology for Network Information Systems</i>(More)