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— This paper describes a comprehensive combination of feature extraction methods for vision-based pedestrian detection in the framework of Intelligent Tansportation Systems. The basic components of pedestrians are first located in the image and then combined with a SVM-based classifier. This poses the problem of pedestrian detection in real, cluttered road(More)
The confluent second-order supersymmetric quantum mechanics, with factorization energies ǫ 1 , ǫ 2 tending to a single ǫ-value, is studied. We show that the Wronskian formula remains valid if generalized eigenfunctions are taken as seed solutions. The confluent algorithm is used to generate SUSY partners of the Coulomb potential.
Nitric oxide (NO) has been shown to regulate T cell functions under physiological conditions, but overproduction of NO may contribute to T lymphocyte dysfunction. NO-dependent tissue injury has been implicated in a variety of rheumatic diseases, including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Several studies reported increased(More)
The application of Internet-enabled devices in the real world for the development of Smart Cities, environmental monitoring, bus tracking, and parking requires scalability, extensibility, and integration of emerging resources to reach a suitable ecosystem for data acquisition and interaction with citizens. Internet of things needs to offer efficient support(More)
* This works has been possible thanks to Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology through PARMEI project (ref. DIP2003-08715-C02-01), and to the University of Alcalá through the ISUAP project (ref. PI2004/033). Abstract-The work described in this paper explores a new solution for tracking multiple and dynamic objects in complex environments. An XPF(More)
This paper describes a vision-based system for blind spot detection in intelligent vehicle applications. A camera is mounted in the lateral mirror of a car with the intention of visually detecting cars that can not be perceived by the vehicle driver since they are located in the so-called blind spot. The detection of cars in the blind spot is carried out(More)
This paper describes pilot experiences of distance learning using videoconference over the public Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). Graduate and postgraduate courses of the Technical University of Madrid (Telecommunication Engineers) form the educational scenario chosen for the experiences. Several phases were defined to carry out the experiments,(More)