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Globalization and its Discontents
In this issue of the journal, William Robinson offers his analysis of the rise of transnational elites emerging outside of the traditional frame of nation-based capitalism. What is significant, in
Enforcement Mechanisms Discouraging Black–American Presence in Suburban Detroit
In metropolitan Detroit, scholars have long observed that geographic space is racialized in the sense that black Americans are not welcome in many suburban communities. This extends beyond housing
An Anatomy of Change and Transition: The Automobile Industry of Southeast Michigan
At one time Southeastern Michigan was characterized by a rapid decline in manufacturing jobs and was labeled a typical rust-belt region over-dependent upon one sector of industrial production. By the
Government, Governing, and Governance
Government: the office, authority or function of governing. Governing: having control or rule over oneself. Governance: the activity of governing. Accordingly, governance is a set of decisions and
Emergency Management in Michigan: Race, Class and the Limits of Liberal Democracy
What is it about Michigan and water? Michigan, the Great Lakes state, a state with 3288 miles of coastline, a state within which there are almost 63,000 lakes of all sizes, with 98 lakes over 1000
What Works Best?: Values and the Evaluation of Local Economic Development Policy
This article addresses several issues related to values and the evaluation of local economic development policies. First, it focuses on the issue of goals in relation to the evaluation of local
Network priorities for social sustainability research and education: Memorandum of the Integrated Network on Social Sustainability Research Group
Abstract The Integrated Network for Social Sustainability (INSS) is a research-coordination network supported by the National Science Foundation that is currently in its third year of activities.
More of the Same: A Research Note on Local Economic Development Policies over Time
This article examines local economic development policies over time. Using a quasi-longitudinal trend design, the authors address the following questions: Has the use of economic development