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It has been thought that the capture of irregular moons--with non-circular orbits--by giant planets occurs by a process in which they are first temporarily trapped by gravity inside the planet's Hill sphere (the region where planetary gravity dominates over solar tides). The capture of the moons is then made permanent by dissipative energy loss (for(More)
Transition states in phase space are identified and shown to regulate the rate of escape of asteroids temporarily captured in circumplanetary orbits. The transition states, similar to those occurring in chemical reaction dynamics, are then used to develop a statistical semianalytical theory for the rate of escape of asteroids temporarily captured by Mars.(More)
Feature selection is an important challenge in many classification problems, especially if the number of features greatly exceeds the number of examples available. We have developed a procedure--GenForest--which controls feature selection in random forests of decision trees by using a genetic algorithm. This approach was tested through our entry into the(More)
9039 as the molecules approach under the application of pressure. We expect that high-pressure Raman study will provide further insight into the vibrational and bonding properties in solid Cso The pressure behavior of a " squashing " mode, a radial distortion from the spherical shape into an ellipsoid, is particularly interesting in comparison with the(More)
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