David F. Wright

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Inhalant misuse is common during adolescence, with ongoing chronic misuse associated with neurobiological and cognitive abnormalities. While human imaging studies consistently report white matter abnormalities among long-term inhalant users, longitudinal studies have been lacking with limited data available regarding the progressive nature of such(More)
Naked (hulless) barley was neglected by plant breeders in Europe during the period of intensive crop improvement in the 20th Century, but it is now receiving renewed interest due to the potential health benefits it can convey. Very few naked barley cultivars have been developed for modern UK or European agricultural systems, in contrast to the wide(More)
Many irrigation scheduling methods utilized in commercial production settings rely on soil water sensors that are normally purchased as off-the-shelf technology or through contracted services that install and monitor readings throughout the season. These systems often assume a direct relationship between the parameters measured by these soil water sensors(More)
Geologic process, including tectonics and global climate change, profoundly impact the evolution of life because they have the propensity to facilitate episodes of biogeographic differentiation and influence patterns of speciation. We investigate causal links between a dramatic faunal turnover and two dominant geologic processes operating within Laurentia(More)
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