David F. Ramirez-Moreno

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Statistical, spectral, multi-resolution and non-linear methods were applied to heart rate variability (HRV) series linked with classification schemes for the prognosis of cardiovascular risk. A total of 90 HRV records were analyzed: 45 from healthy subjects and 45 from cardiovascular risk patients. A total of 52 features from all the analysis methods were(More)
This work proposes a model of visual bottom-up attention for dynamic scene analysis. Our work adds motion saliency calculations to a neural network model with realistic temporal dynamics [(e.g., building motion salience on top of De Brecht and Saiki Neural Networks 19:1467–1474, (2006)]. The resulting network elicits strong transient responses to moving(More)
Itti and Koch’s (Vision Research 40:1489–1506, 2000) saliency-based visual attention model is a broadly accepted model that describes how attention processes are deployed in the visual cortex in a pure bottom-up strategy. This work complements their model by modifying the color feature calculation. Evidence suggests that S-cone responses are elicited in the(More)
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