David F. Radcliffe

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There is a strong technological and economic push for higher education providers to adopt online learning strategies. This is driven, in part, by the requirement of industry for lifelong learning on a flexible, just-intime basis. Simultaneously, there is a rising awareness amongst engineering faculty of the pedagogical issues that underpin good teaching and(More)
Many studies have shown that streams degrade in response to urbanization in the watershed. These studies often are based on use of biotic and abiotic variables to measure stream health across a gradient of land cover/land use. The results of these studies can be applied to other urban systems, but often fail to provide a mechanistic understanding of the(More)
nanoHUB.org is a major engineering cyber-environment that serves over 110,000 annually. Engineering cyber-environments such as the nanoHUB play a critical role in enabling practice within their respective disciplines. They feature a variety of professional grade cyber-tools that are designed for the expert users. However, these very cyberenvironments play a(More)
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