David F. Pyke

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I n situations where a seller has surplus stock and another seller is stocked out, it may be desirable to transfer surplus stock from the former to the latter. We examine how the possibility of such transshipments between two independent locations affects the optimal inventory orders at each location. If each location aims to maximize its own profits—we(More)
* The authors gratefully acknowledge the helpful comments and suggestions of Professor Ed Silver and of three anonymous referees. Abstract Sustainability has become a major issue in most economies, causing many leading companies to focus on product recovery and reverse logistics. This research is focused on product recovery, and in particular on production(More)
Keywords: Pricing Revenue management Game theory Discrete choice model a b s t r a c t In this study, we contribute to the dynamic pricing literature by developing a finite horizon model for two firms offering substitutable and nonperishable products with different quality levels. Customers can purchase and store the products, even if they do not need them(More)
We consider a manufacturer of mass-customized modular products who orders components under demand uncertainty, and sets prices, produces to order, and trades excess components in a secondary market after this uncertainty is resolved. The sequence of events reflects, in a parsimonious fashion, the considerable reduction in demand uncertainty between the(More)
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