David F. Pickup

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Highly doped diamond films are new candidates for electrodes in reactive environments, such as electrocatalytic interfaces. Here the electronic structure of such films is investigated by X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the C 1s and B 1s edges, combined with X-ray and ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy, as well as optical measurements. A diamond surface(More)
A recent improvement in the design of dyesensitized solar cells has been the combination of lightabsorbing, electron-donating, and electron-withdrawing groups within the same sensitizer molecule. This dye architecture has proven to increase the energy conversion efficiency of the cells, leading to record efficiency values. Here we investigate a(More)
Kelvin probe force microscopy in darkness and under illumination is reported to provide nanoscale-resolved surface photovoltage maps of hybrid materials. In particular, nanoscale charge injection and charge recombination mechanisms occurring in ZnO polycrystalline surfaces functionalized with Protoporphyrin IX (H2PPIX) are analyzed. Local surface potential(More)
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