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Capacitive current interruption with air-break disconnectors in a high-voltage network is an interactive event between circuit and arc with a variety of interruptions and reignitions. In order to investigate this transient phenomenon, a series of interruption tests was performed at KEMA High Power Laboratory. In this paper, a brief analysis of the(More)
Dry-type air-core shunt reactors are now being used more frequently on high voltage power transmission systems to limit overvoltages. Recently, high voltage dry-type air-core shunt reactors have been designed, manufactured and installed directly connected to the transmission systems at voltages up to and including 345 kV. Applications at 500 kV are(More)
Series reactors are applied in power systems to limit fault current magnitudes, to achieve load sharing between parallel circuits and to limit inrush currents associated with shunt capacitor bank switching. The reactors are often dry-type with low inherent capacitance and, if no remedial measures are applied such as the addition of capacitance, will add a(More)
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