David F. Heidel

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This paper presents a fast, low-power, binary carrylookahead, 64-bit dynamic parallel adder architecture for highfrequency microprocessors. The adder core is composed of evaluate circuits and feedback reset chains implemented by selfresetting CMOS (SRCMOS) circuits with enhanced testability. A new tool, SRCMOS pulse analyzer (SPA), is developed for checking(More)
We have reported previously [1] a low-swing latch (LSL) with superior performance-power tradeoff compared to the conventional pass-gate master-slave latch. In this paper, hardware results are presented for the proposed LSL with pulsed clock waveforms. The motivation is to combine low-voltage swing with pulsed signals to further reduce overall system power(More)
Large powerful networks coupled to state-of-the-art processors have traditionally dominated supercomputing. As technology advances, this approach is likely to be challenged by a more cost-effective System-On-A-Chip approach, with higher levels of system integration. The scalability of applications to architectures with tens to hundreds of thousands of(More)